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Mad Men

USA Today is reporting that Mad Men, the AMC TV series about the Manhattan ad world in 1960, has been renewed for a second season.

If you’re not watching this, you should be. It is smart, funny and engaging television.


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It’s a Sleeve, People!

knitting-project-09-25-07-copy.gifYes, I’m actually making progress on my first actual piece of clothing. This is one of the sleeves. So far so good. I’ve managed to knit 40 rows and I actually have the correct number of stitches on the needle — woo hoo!

The yarn is the very pretty Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand. I’m using the Dusty Blue.

(By the way, WordPress could do a much better job of making it easier to insert pictures into posts. Blogger has them beat big time.)

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Time-Wasting Fun

Here’s a fun site: PassiveAggressiveNotes.com. You can waste all kinds of time here. If you live or work in the right place, you may be able to contribute as well.

Via The Urban Recluse

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The Perils of Punctuation

Today is National Punctuation Day. Please be kind to punctuation marks on today of all days. As a former proofreader, I cringe at the daily misuse of all kinds of punctuation marks and grammatical errors. It’s seems like these days you’re considered old-fashioned or behind the times if you insist on correct usage. With email and instant messaging, formal punctuation use has kind of gone out the window. But I’m sticking with it anyway!

Another fun site to check out is The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks. It collects instances where people add quotation marks at random. It’s highly entertaining.

And finally — a quick cheat sheet:

It’s = it is (It’s time to go.)
Its = possessive pronoun (The food is past its expiration date.)
Its’ = always, always, always wrong!

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Chicken Little

Oh boy, only the third or fourth post, and I’m already going off on a rant. So much for the even keel thing…

Survivor China started last night. Usually, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the first few episodes of any season. Too many names and faces; I watch but I don’t get attached. For some reason, last night I did. Probably a mistake.

Do the people who audition for this show not watch previous shows? I wonder how much some of them realize what they are getting into. Last night, everyone was shocked when they were told they were losing their stuff and leaving for the camps in the clothes they currently had on. Uh, this has happened before. More than once. I think you need to be prepared the minute you step off the plane.

It’s also a well-established fact that taking too much leadership too early really turns people off. Yet Peih-Gee started going down that road; despite the vote she got at tribal council, I wonder if she really realizes how much danger she’s in. Do none of these people ever serve on teams in their jobs? Nobody ever has much of a sense of team dynamics.

I was surprised by how narrow-minded a couple of the contestants were. You’d think that by this time (the 16th season, people), a potential player of the game would realize you’re going to be mixing with a lot of different people, backgrounds, etc. Yet Leslie couldn’t even sit through a Buddhist ceremony welcoming them (it was not religious but she thought it was) and Courtney kept complaining about how NOBODY else was like her (i.e., a waitress from New York). Come on, people. Try something a little different; at least have respect for the differences.

Finally, I’ve never seen anyone get so passive-aggressive so fast. When Chicken’s first few suggestions weren’t taken, he immediately decided to just follow what everyone else suggested, with a snarky “I’ll do whatever you want” attitude. Fortunately, it got him ousted at the first tribal council.

As I said, I got way into this much too soon. It does not bode well for my sanity for the next few months.

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It’s Reality Show Clip Time!*

It seems there are more and more reality shows every day. And new seasons are starting for my favorites!

America’s Next Top Model starts tomorrow. I’m sure I’m totally the wrong demographic for this show. But I find the drama amongst a bunch of usually 18- to 24-year-old women highly amusing. The stuff they whine and worry about is the stuff I can now — at my advanced age of 42 — just yawn at and say, “whatever.” Age does have its advantages.

Survivor China starts on Thursday. I didn’t start watching until the 4th or 5th season, but I’m hooked. I missed the spring series so this will be fun to get into again.

And Project Runway starts another season on November 14.

So — what reality TV shows are you addicted to?

*A reference to The Soup on E! with Joel McHale. He always, always makes me laugh!

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This might be it.

I knit — rather slowly. I’ve been doing it for about two years now, although I can go weeks without ever picking up a project. For some reason, I always want to knit more when the cooler weather starts.

I’ve been challenged with anything much more complex than a scarf. I’m entirely self-taught, which works okay for basic knit and purl stitches. When you start combining them to do things like lace patterns, knitting two stitches together, etc., I can’t quite seem to follow. It all makes sense when I read the pattern; it’s the actual knitting that seems to be the problem.

Anyway, I may have finally found a pattern I can handle. Just three pieces, and the only tricky thing seems to be adding stitches, which I can do. I hardly need to buy any more yarn but I’m rather determined to someday finish something besides yet another scarf!

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